Prof. Alfred BrownLife long educator: professor-alfred-brown
You can communicate with anybody, living or dead, because of the ability to read. You want to get young people to be able to read well, as soon as possible. The Bookbutterfly definitely makes reading easier by eliminating or reducing the physical effort required to hold a book open and in a comfortable reading position. The distance from the eyes and the angle at which a book is read are critical for concentration and therefore comprehension. The position of the body and head should be as comfortable as possible for extended reading. Bookbutterfly does all this and definitely encourages reading

Daniella Costa – Book store sales person:bookbutterfly-clients
I have worked in book shops since I left school because I love books and reading. The Book Butterfly is the one book holder that really works for me. It is so easy to set up and use. My favourite is reading in bed every night before I sleep. Bookbutterfly makes my book seem weightless and I read so much more comfortably. No more contorting my hand and wrist to keep the book open and I can lie in any position. The built in lamp is fabulous

Gordon Mackie – Accountant :
The Book Butterfly is a beautiful product that is ergonomic and well made. It does exactly what it is supposed to by holding any book at any angle for reading anywhere. My reading pleasure is greatly enhanced by using my Bookbutterfly. In fact I don’t read at all without the Bookbutterfly anymore because having to hold a book in my hand when there is this reading tool seems primitive

Chris du Toit – Teacher:chris-du-toit

I read a great deal and this gadget goes everywhere with me. I have found it almost impossible to read without it because I have an injury to my right shoulder that makes it hard to hold books for any length of time. And if it is a book that is not purely pleasure, I like to use a book holder to free up my hands so that I can take notes, write quotes from what I am reading, etc. Bookbutterfly works in all reading situations

bookbutTom Hyslop – IT specialist:
So I have to read stuff on the computer screen all day but there is nothing as pleasing and soothing as reading a real paper book - the smell and feel do it for me. My Book Butterfly makes the reading effortless, relaxing and I wouldn't be without one. I bought one for my Mom as she has arthritis in the hands and cannot enjoy reading without suffering pain as she struggles to hold a book. Bookbutterfly is so much more than just a convenience for her.

Pat Higgens – House wife and mother:bookstand
I use my Bookbutterfly book holder when I’m eating and trying to read simultaneously…you know, multitasking. But generally, the book holder ends up being my plate, or some other device, maybe a tape dispenser, just something to hold the book open while I use my hands for other things. Now, I can read my book and knit at the same time….
We have four Bookbutterflies in our home! The children love them too!

Christina Brown – Pharmacist:

I have a Kindle but find it more comfortable to use it in my Bookbutterfly. But long live Books - they might get dusty but will be around long after my electronic reader has died! I find myself reading more with the Book Butterfly - both books and electronic reader.


Tsumer – student:tsumer

I have this tiny desk and can't fit my books on it when I study. Now my books float like butterflies and I am not getting stung for uncompleted work. My Book Butterfly is a lifesaver. This thing is a God send when trying to write essays with about 20 books open that keep closing. Well maybe not that many, but they are great instead of having to balance empty mugs and rubbers on the pages to stop them snapping shut.